Sunday 19 August 2012

Cooking Cravings

So Sophia rescued us by cooking dinner while mum and dad languished in bed with the real flu - but it was 'just soup'. A creative fix was required, and with mum and dad mended...only gnocchi would satisfy. So with lots of fun, and equal amounts of flour on the floor - the whole family enjoyed her creation.

Sophia here; making gnocchi was a fun moment and the thermomix was a great help. A very fun part was when I rolled the potato mix into a ball and then pressed a fork on it. My tip for making it good is to just get some flour in your hands to roll the ball together, then put your fork in the flour so it doesn't wreck your gnocchi when you press the fork into the ball. When you don't flour your fork it makes it squished and wrecked. Mummy and I made a tiny bit of a disaster because we didn't the whizz the potato before adding the flour and other ingredients - but it worked anyway. We were just finishing making the gnocchi and the boys were sitting at the table saying "where's my dinner? I'm hungry!" and mummy and I kept saying "It's almost ready". I also loved scooping out the gnocchi that floated to the top in the saucepan. Bella and I took turns while mummy made the sauces. It was the best dinner I have had in a long time - I'm glad I made it.

The failsafe version (dairy free - contains wheat, egg, and moderate salicylates)

1 clove of roasted garlic and and several parsley leaves blitzed for 1 second on speed 7
Add 1/4 tsp celtic sea salt
100 - 120g nuttelex (this was for 3 people)
4 1/2 minutes on varoma, speed 1-2
Pour over the cooked gnocchi and peas

The rest of us had burnt butter and sage...oh yum!

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