Monday, 19 August 2013


Do you love love love those recipes that are so fast you check your neck for whiplash? I need speed so it's no wonder I ended up with a Thermomix, but this one is crazy fast. Even better that it's great for lunch boxes. I have put in a few tips about how to place ingredients in your thermomix for the best mixing results and saving time.

Notice all the *'s beside ingredients? That's not code for naughty words, it's because I have a moderate salicylate version down the bottom for those progressing on their FAILSAFE diet. And of course, if you can eat nuts and are not taking them to school, you can replace the seeds with almonds, walnuts, pecans or my favourite - brazil nuts.  ENJOY!

Contains Gluten and Eggs:
80g Wholegrains (Buckwheat, millet, oats)
130g SR Flour (I use spelt flour )
1 tsp extra baking powder
1 tsp nutmeg and ginger*
150-200g raw sugar* OR 90g sugar, plus add a tin of drained pineapple pieces with the zucchini

2 carrots cut into 4-5 pieces
1 roughly chopped zucchini
2 eggs
110g canola oil
optional cup of seeds; pepitas, sunflower seeds plus shaved coconut

optional topping; 1 heaped tablespoon each of brown sugar, shaved coconut and seeds*

*FAILSAFE moderate version: use white sugar and thickly peel the carrot and zucchini. Leave out spices and only add a tablespoon of poppy seeds.
Topping - 1 heaped tablespoon of brown sugar, nuttelex and oats and a pinch of poppy seeds.

Oven to 180-190 degrees Celsius (frustrating I know, but we all have different ovens, so use the cooler temperature if it is a fan forced, effective oven)
Paper and spray/grease 16 small or 12 medium muffin tins

Grind the whole grains for 1 minute speed 9.

Add the flour, sugar, baking powder and *spices and aerate by mixing for 4 seconds on speed 6.

Add carrots into the flour mix (this will stop over chopping and too much liquid ooze, plus it's faster); chop for 1 second speed 5. Don't preset the time, turn the speed quickly to speed 5 and as soon as the time hits 1 second, turn it down to open lid position.

Check the mix and push any larger chunks to the bottom, then add the zucchini and optional pineapple if using. Grate 2 more seconds speed 5. 

I like to take the TM bowl off the unit and have it right near me on the bench. Push the ingredients away from the centre of the blades (making a well), and crack in the 2 eggs. Return the bowl to the unit and mix for 4 seconds, REVERSE speed 3.

Now pull the ingredients away from the edge of the bowl and weigh in the oil, plus the *seeds/nuts if using. Mix 12 seconds, REVERSE, speed 3. Adding the wet ingredients at the side is what helps it to incorporate more quickly, less time mixing your eggs makes for a much lighter texture.

That's it!! Now you 3/4 fill your muffin papers and bake for 20-25 minutes. If you want to mix your topping in the TM bowl, it's as simple as tipping it in, mixing for 9 seconds speed 3 REVERSE, then sprinkling on top for the last 5 minutes of baking.


  1. A big hit with the kids. Used coconut sugar and gf flour and reduced sugar to 100gm. Great tip re chopping into flour. Thanks!

  2. A big hit with the kids. Used coconut sugar and gf flour and reduced sugar to 100gm. Great tip re chopping into flour. Thanks!