Thursday 10 October 2013

Madame Pa's Signature Thai Green Chicken Curry - for the Thermomix

Madame Pa’s Green Chicken Curry
Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine

This is just one of those magic recipes. That one you perfect and feel it's your own signature dish...except of course, it's some one else's! I would love to know more about this Madame Pa, as my journey into Thai food (beginning 15 years ago) was made all the more exquisite by the Blue Elephant cookbook. I'm sure there is many a story to tell.

I would love to hear your experience with this dish - I think it's an exciting and rather different way to use the Thermomix. 

·      1 cup fresh coriander leaves

·      3tbsp vegetable oil
; just over ½ line on MC - use upside down til oil is needed.
·      1 ½ Tbsp green curry paste

·      pinch freshly ground coriander seeds
1 pinch freshly ground cumin seeds

·      370ml/13fl oz/1 ½  cups coconut milk

·      1 boned and skinned chicken breast, sliced into bite-size pieces

·      2 green aubergines (eggplants),
·      quartered 
sprig pea aubergines (eggplants)

·      1tsp sugar

·      1 ½  Tbsp fish sauce

·      2 kaffir lime leaves, torn in half

·      6 Thai basil leaves

·      1/2 fresh red chilli, thinly sliced

For the garnish
·      2tsp cream of coconut milk
fresh Thai basil for sprinkling

Thermomix Method

Toast cumin and coriander seeds for
2 ½ mins 100 degrees speed 2, cool 1 min

In the meantime wash and spin/pat your coriander leaves

Put a tissue just under the MC and grind
1 min speed 8-9. When finished, lift bowl out and gently tap lid on bowl to loose spices, then tip into the tissue. The coriander will still have shape.

Put coriander in and blitz
2 seconds speed 7. Scrape and remove into a small bowl.

Place oil in TM bowl, set to
23 mins, varoma speed 2 heat for 1 min

At 22mins add the coriander through the hole in the lid and fry 1 min

At 21mins add the paste and ground seeds and fry for 2 mins

At 19 mins press 90 degrees and start adding the coconut milk through the lid ½ a cup every 30 seconds

At 17 mins, press REVERSE, add the chicken through the hole in the lid, press 80 degrees, speed to 1.

At 5 ½ mins add your
·      eggplants (or zucchini and squash as replacement – can add a handful of snowpeas in the last minute)
·      sugar
·      fish sauce (I measure 1/3 of the MC)
·      kaffir lime leaves
·      thai basil leaves
·      chili

When finished, check balance of flavour. If you have used coconut cream instead of milk you will need to add lime juice to cut through the cream and balance the tartness. Otherwise, just balance the salty/sweet/hot and turn on for 1 min 80 degrees reverse, speed 1.
Serve with garnish in thermoserver.

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