Tuesday 20 August 2013

Yummy Scrummy Banana, Coconut Spelt Loaf

Hello I am Sophia and I haven't blogged for a while but here is one of my latest cooking adventures

Are you tired of having complaining children wanting yummy food?
Well here's the answer and it's very simple.
Picture this; one morning by the surf on a family holiday, four children complain they were hungry. So, they went for a swim and then when they came back they cooked a pavlova and a scrumptious banana and coconut bread. They cooked the pavlova first, then the little sister made the loaf; it was easy and quick. She put it in the oven then they all watched a movie while it was cooking.....When the movie was finished, the girls went to the gym while the boys gobbled up the bread!!! When the girls came back they had a few pieces as well and they all declared it was delicious. The next morning, they had it toasted for breakfast.
That was the end of the bread! But they all wanted to make it again.
If you want to make this loaf, then you can find the recipe at Alyce Alexandra (mum says you have to subscribe to get the free recipes)

Goodbye until I tell you about the Pavlova!!

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