Wednesday 17 July 2013


I have heard a few people say that they don't find the Thermomix bowl easy to clean - but with a few little tips it's an absolute cinch - and very quick.

I have my photo series below to show you the best way to clean off a sticky mess. Enjoy

This is what out bowl looks like after scraping out the porridge, (also applies to batters, sticky breads)

Step 1 - pop the bowl back onto the TM unit and fling any excess batter off your blades by whizzing for 1-2 seconds speed 7-9.

Step 2 - quick re-scrape 

Then cover the blades with warm water (drop of detergent for milky or buttery mess) and place brush bristles between the blades and wiggle side to side while going around the bowl. then do it on the opposite sides of the blade. Then swish the brush quickly around the sides of the bowl.
Return to the Thermomix unit and whizz for 20 seconds speed 8

Voila! The hard work is done!!!

In general here's the cleaning document I prepared and Leonie from ThermoFun has kindly tweaked and promoted.

here's to easy cleaning!!

Lush Thermosphere and ThermoFun





Cleaning sticky messes

1.    If you have excess food on the blades – simply return the bowl to the TM base and spin the blades for 1-2 seconds on speed 6-8.  Then re-scrape the sides with your spatula.
2.    If it is still doughy – put some flour on the blades and spin again.
3.    For any starchy or sticky mixes, I cover the blades with water, run a dish brush around the blade post a few times, and then proceed to ‘wash’ at speed 7-8 for 15 seconds or more.
4.    If it is a real mess in the bowl, I put in at least 600g of water, set to 5 mins, 100 degrees speed 4.  When finished, carefully take the speed dial to speed 7 and ‘wash’ for 15 seconds.


Cleaning smelly, oily messes

1.    The first step is your basic ‘wash’ but with some drops of detergent and any of; lemon ends, vinegar, bicarb, citric acid
2.    If needed - Repeat with a little bit of water, and more of the above ingredients.  Then make sure everything can aerate well.
3.    If your silicon lid is stained – follow the above steps, then cover with lemon juice and leave to dry in the sun for an hour.
4.    If everything still smells, you can ‘season’ your silicone seal by cooking 60g+ of cheap oil with vanilla or citrus peel.  You will need to cook 3 minutes+ on 100 degrees.  Then carefully raise the speed to blitz on speed 9 for a minute.


Cleaning a burnt or filmy bowl.

1.    Follow your normal ‘clean’ procedure.
2.    Make a paste with equal amounts of bicarb and washing soda (or just the bicarb if that’s all you have) and a ½ amount of citric acid, then adding a few drips of water.  If you don’t have citric acid, pour several drops of lemon juice or vinegar onto your paste.  You can also grind up salt, and add a little bicarb and lemon to make a paste. Leave this for at LEAST ten minutes.
3.    Agitate with a NON-SCRATCH scourer or a brush.  Over several minutes, all the build-up should come away.  You can do a longer soak with vinegar and water (in your EDC).
4.    Cooking with salt, or cooking up a cleaner helps.  Try this beautiful lemon concentrate from the UK website:
5.    A slight film is fixed by soaking with lemon juice.

If you have any cleaning the Thermomix hints and tips - we would love to include them in our next revision of this document.

You can either email Leonie from ThermoFun at:
Liz from Lush Thermosphere at:

ENJOY!  And Happy Cleaning and Cooking!

From Leonie and Liz   J


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