Sunday 4 November 2012

When LOVE is SPELT "b-r-e-a-d"

If I entered lotteries then maybe I would know that 'jackpot' feeling - but I just had one yesterday! I went to do some 'trouble-shooting' cooking for my sister who needs spelt bread, and has been getting very inconsistent results: too dense and big holes in the middle. 

I prepared spelt bread for a friend on holidays last december and had the loaves down pat by the end of the week - but couldn't exactly remember what perfected the texture. I expected to have a few problems with my first loaf and go from there. With some key technique ideas in mind and the flavour suggestions from the baby sister (very nice), I began. Imagine my surprise when up popped a divine crusty loaf, brown from the honey and spelt and oooooh so delicious. It was like unwrapping a present when my husband sliced through - perfect all the way.

*Happy sigh*

Now I want all spelt folks to be able to enjoy the same - and please share your tips and techniques. I only used Spelt flour in this loaf, so my next frontier is adding whole grains back in.

50g yoghurt whey (could just add lemon juice to extra milk)
150g milk
100g water
70g honey
2 tsp yeast
2 tsp bread improver or 1 tsp ascorbic acid
520g spelt flour
1/2 MC of mixed seeds; sesame, pepita, sunflower, poppy
25g light flavoured oil
3/4 tsp of good salt

200g milk substitute (or milk if tolerated)with 1/4 tsp citric acid added
100g water
70g rice malt syrup
2 tsp yeast
1 tsp ascorbic acid
520g spelt flour
1/4 MC of poppy seeds and oats
25g canola or sunflower or ricebran oil
3/4 tsp good salt

Excuse my 'cook on the fly' method
Just get your yoghurt/milk/water/honey ingredients out first.
Weigh them into the TM bowl. 
Mix for 2 minutes 50 degrees, speed 1-2.
While mixing, collect your other ingredients. 
In the last 20 seconds of liquid heating, add in the yeast and bread improver/ascorbic acid. 
Let it sit and brew for a minute while you measure out your grains and put your yeast away.
Weigh in your spelt flour, oil and salt.
Combine ingredients for 7 seconds speed 6. (Or until you can see the dry ingredients are incorporated).
Set for 3.5 minutes interval speed
I put my ingredients away while it's mixing but never walk far away from the TM while it's kneading.
In the last 30 seconds, tip your grains in.
Put your bowl in a warmish draught-free spot. (I used our microwave) and let it rise for 20 minutes in the TM bowl. My mix had definitely doubled in that time.
Place back on TM motor and knead for 7-10 seconds.
Tip ingredients straight into prepared bread tin.
Wet your hand and pat into shape.
Now, this is a stickier mix than normal loaves and will leave more dough in the bowl. So if you can't handle waste, like moi, you can put some more spelt in the TM bowl and whizz for a bit on speed 7. I tipped this over the top of the loaf in an effort to make a lumpy rustic finish. Definitely a bit dodgy. Will work on that.
A put a few diagonal cuts in the top then placed in a COLD OVEN and turned it onto fan forced 190 degrees and baked for 45 minutes.
Don't watch it. It only rose when I walked away ;)
Let it cool for 5 minutes in a tin then turn onto a rack.

Tell me how you go. 

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