Tuesday 1 May 2012

Queen of Tarts meets Queen of Hearts

Mum's turn to blog as we reached inspiration overload! What's a girl to do when a lovely neighbour whisks you to the ballet to watch Alice in Wonderland? It was a delight from the dramatic installation in the foyer to the turkish delight powdering our noses between acts. Vivid costumes, comic timing and fabulous choreography were saluted by a rainbow at our exit.

Then another neighbour dropped over the most quaint packet of rosebud tea...and our creative juices flowed. Raspberry Frangipane Tart and Rosebud Tea jellies emerged with thanks to Fiona Hoskins' real fruit jellies recipe from "Devil of a Cookbook"and Steph Berg's sweet shortcrust pastry recipe.

The frangipane is so simple and delicious - and I once prepared and cooked mini frangipane's before my brother's rancilio Sylvio had finished warming up and extracting our perfect coffees.
Sophia's favourite part was the simple jelly making and cutting. And the result is fit for any Tea Party down the Rabbit Hole!

Berry Frangipane:

Oven - moderate (180) and prepare a tart or friand tin

Grind 200g almonds for 10 seconds speed 10 - set aside
Pulverise 200g raw sugar and zest of 2 lemons for 20-25seconds on speed 9-10
Add 200g butter (roughly chopped) and mix for 30secs speed 5.
Add 2 eggs and mix 10 seconds speed 5, scrape down. Add 2 more eggs and repeat.
Add 30g cornstarch and the almond meal and mix for 10-15secs on speed 5.
Pour into the tin(s) and dot with berries.
Bake for 15-25 minutes depending on pan size. The tart should be golden brown and just firm. Don't dry it out.
For the tart, we blind baked the shortcrust pastry for 10 minutes first - and then we should have let it cool.

The result was a fabulously quirky tart with jellies, but unless you like unusual fibre - we discovered that the rosebuds are most certainly ornamental!

Until next time...Sophia Lush and mum would love your comments.

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