Wednesday 18 September 2013

My Thai - the Marinade and Dressing

My Thai is about flavours bubbling on your tongue and making you salivate for more. It's about skipping your way through the gorgeous array of fresh herbs and having fun.

There is always a lot of ingredients in Thai food - don't be discouraged - none of the steps are complicated at all! Make this marinade and dressing 1-3 days before making your salad - or freeze it for longer.

This is designed to partner perfectly with my "Thai Soup and Salad" Recipe.

4 garlic cloves
6cm (squared) ginger
4 chilli (or to taste)
16-20 basil leaves

50g palm sugar
50g tamarind paste
100g fish sauce
40g sesame oil

Place garlic, ginger, chilli and basil into TM bowl and chop for 10 seconds speed 9. Then scrape down, add palm sugar and repeat.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix for 10 seconds speed 7. Scrape down sides and blend a further 5 seconds speed 7.

Set aside half of the mix in a bowl to marinade chicken pieces (or put in a small jar for use in next few days).


To the left-over marinade in the TM bowl add
60g lemon juice plus 40g white vinegar,
40g fish sauce,
40g light olive oil and
50g brown sugar.

Mix for another 10 seconds speed 7 then taste test. If too sour add more sugar. If too salty add more water and lemon juice 1 tablespoon at a time.

Set the dressing aside in a jar. You will need to shake it up to use it.

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