Monday, 8 October 2012

Three Cheers for Occupational Therapy (in the kitchen!)

Mum's turn to blog.... Well, if the way to a man's heart is his stomach - perhaps the way to a boy's occupational therapy exercises is his biscuits?
 Our amazing Occupational Therapist has been working hard to help me learn how to engage little ones while they learn much needed skills. Skills that you and I take for granted, like being able to hold a pencil, or move our arm comfortably from left to right, or even just concentrate on information for a while. This patient woman has tried to show me how to go with the flow - if he's talking about Batman, then jump into that world, and incorporate the exercises into it. Go with it! But it turns out that I'm not too...flow-ey. I'm sort of the opposite actually. So this batch of (gingerless) gingerbread seemed a golden opportunity for us both to learn :)

 Here is the start - long left to right movements - he's cutting along the rolled out biscuit dough.

Then it's time to carefully manipulate something small along the lines - left to right, left to right!

We carefully rolled some small balls of dough (you're relieved to know it's not rabbit droppings yes?)
And then we 'tweezered' the balls over onto the line. Too tired and hungry at this point - I think a few pellets didn't make it to the dough.

And then - who wouldn't be proud of the modern art finish?
A nice reward for hard work. Are you negotiating challenges at the moment?

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